Welcome to League Control!

This online app will allow you to take charge of your sand volleyball league with:

  • Online Team Registration
  • Online Rosters
  • Online Team/League Schedules
  • Full season auto-scheduler
  • Auto Standings Generator
  • Auto Playoff Bracket
  • Email or Text the entire League for last minute changes/updates
  • Add/Edit game scores from your phone or tablet!

You won’t believe how much time you will save using this system.

Steps for setup are easy!

  1. Add Leagues (Monday Night, Saturday etc.)
  2. Tell captains to register online and complete the online team roster.
  3. Collect payments and mark teams “Paid”
  4. Close registration
  5. Generate scheduleĀ (one-click of a button)

Season maintenance:

  1. Enter scores from your phone or tablet

End of season Maintenance:

  1. Generate playoff schedule (one-click of a button)
  2. Hand out trophies!

We have tried to make this system as seamless as possible and we are always open to suggestions and improvements!

Cost: $50/league per year

Leagues are limited to 16 teams (This can be increased by request)

Teams are limited to 12 membersĀ (This can be increased by request)

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